Can CBD Make You Tired?

Some people who use CBD would argue that it makes you feel relaxed and tired since it's a product that is taken from marijuana. On the other hand, there are users who have a burst of energy after using CBD before they experience a mild feeling of relaxation. Many people use CBD to help with anxiety, depression, and various types of pain in the body that is associated with a variety of health conditions. Even though people can feel relaxed after using CBD, a direct answer as to whether it makes you tired is often complicated and can depend on the person's body.

CBD is one of the active elements in marijuana with THC being the other one that is commonly associated with the plant. THC is responsible for the altered state of mind that many people experience while CBD usually doesn't offer euphoric feelings. CBD is often credited for the medical benefits that it offers. CBD often suppresses feelings of pain and abnormal activity that takes place in the brain. The impact that CBD has on your sleeping habits is often determined by how much you use. A small amount of CBD can make you feel tired, but you won't see the impacts that you would see if you used a larger amount of CBD. For some people, larger amounts of CBD used on a regular basis can give them the energy needed to complete tasks during the day because they don't experience the pain that they would normally feel and don't experience the abnormal activity in the brain that prevents them from working, going to school, or taking care of the home. CBD alone can make you tired, but it usually doesn't have a significant impact unless you take smaller doses over a shorter period of time or go for long periods of time without using CBD and then begin using it again.